Exploring the Dubai's Best Snorkeling Spots on a Yacht Rental

Exploring the Dubai's Best Snorkeling Spots on a Yacht Rental

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When snorkeling, a person swims by wearing a mask, snorkel, and swimming aids like fins but does not use a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. It's created so that you can explore underwater canyons and emerald moss without worrying about breathing— it’s all sorted out for you.





  • Ambassador’s Lagoon

Ambassador's Lagoon, located inside The Lost Chambers Aquarium in Atlantis, is the ideal location for snorkeling in Dubai. With a water capacity of 11 million liters and 250 distinct kinds of marine life, it is a magnificent aquarium. Visitors can swim with millions of beautiful marine fish, sharks, and rays while seeing the "ruins" of Atlantis far below while being guided by an experienced professional. With 65,000 different aquatic creatures living in the lagoon, you're guaranteed to see something interesting.


  • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

You can snorkel amidst the largest collection of marine life at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo! It comprises more than 33,000 aquatic creatures, the greatest population of which are sand tiger sharks. This 10-million-liter aquarium offers snorkeling in a cage that has been specially made for this purpose.


  • Dubai City beaches

For beginner snorkelers and divers, the Pavillion Dive Centre at Jumeirah Beach is a must-visit. La Mer Beach is also a popular spot for snorkeling, while Al Mamzar Beach has a similar selection of coral reef interests but additionally offers a variety of other watersports Dubai.





Following is a list of tips that you need to remember to avoid any trouble or injury:


  • Make sure you are equipped appropriately
  • Pick a place that matches your level of experience.
  • For added security, keep a floatation device with you.
  • Do not forget to wash your mask with baby shampoo or defogging gel after use.
  • To avoid wearing socks or boots, take into consideration fins that have a soft, flexible foot pocket.
  • Breathe deeply to maintain your calm when underwater.


Dubai offers plenty of opportunities for thrill-seekers. Now include yacht rental dubai in your Dubai trip and get a chance to experience this mind-blowing activity along with other watersports Dubai.