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Live the High Life: Discover the Cost of Chartering a Superyacht!

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From their expansive size to the extraordinary comfort and amenities, these yachts are a wonder to behold and a glittering symbol of abundant life.

With an array of high-end features like swimming pools, private salons, and fully-stocked bars, these yachts guarantee the ultimate sophistication. Moreover, they can easily accommodate corporate meetings and large parties, with a capacity for up to 30 or 40 guests and 60 crew members.

The best part of luxury Dubai yacht rental is the range of features you can enjoy onboard: from the variety of water “toys” – like scuba gear and jet skis – to the classic chic styling; each yacht is an exercise in modern luxury. Top-notch audio-visual equipment, state-of-the-art kitchens, and stylish, plush accommodations guarantee an unforgettable experience. In addition, many luxury yachts provide top-notch chef services, exquisite cocktails, and fine dining for an impressive catering experience no one will forget.

Some amenities may include a chef, full-time staff, spa, gym, theatre, wine cellar, and much more, depending on the size of the vessel.

The destination is another important factor that affects yacht prices in Dubai. Wherever you plan to sail, the cost will be higher or lower depending on the distance, docking costs, and safety regulations of the area. For example, if you plan to sail close to the coast and not venture too far out into the open ocean, then you can get a much more reasonable rate for a luxury yacht rental in Dubai.

Additionally, the length of the trip and the type of itinerary also impact the cost. If the yacht is hired out for just a few days or longer, then the client has to factor in the cost of fuel, dockage fees, and other items. As the duration of the trip increases, so does the cost of renting the vessel.

Naturally, the longer the super yacht rental period, the higher the price. To bring the cost down, clients can opt for packages with multiple stopovers during the trip, which would help spread out the cost of the voyage.

When booking a super yacht rental in Dubai, the decorations, cuisine, and level of service offered also affect the pricing. 

During peak season, a superyacht charter can cost anywhere between 4000 AED for an hour. However, during the low season, the cost of chartering a superyacht in Dubai can be as low as 1000 AED.

Overall, the cost of chartering a super yacht rental in Dubai can be quite expensive. 

So if you’re looking for a luxury escape, consider chartering a superyacht in Dubai. For a more precise estimate, the best thing to do is to contact 

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