New Year's Eve Yacht Rental Dubai | Luxury Yacht Hire for NYE Celebrations

Yacht Hire for New Year's Eve | Dubai's Premier Yacht Rental Experience

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Ultimate yacht hire for new years eve Dubai for splendid moments 

Enjoy the iconic Palm Jumeirah fireworks at 12 o'clock as well as the unforgettable countdown to 2024. Cruise into 2024 with a private yacht party creating splendid moments with your loved ones. Book.Boats presents luxury yacht hire for new years eve Dubai, Whether you're planning a lavish party or a private get-together with close friends and family. We provide the most suitable boat to meet all of your demands, regardless of the size or style of yacht you desire. Enjoy a beautiful tour of Dubai Marina, Jumeirah, the Palm, Burj, and the Atlantis Hotels as you take in views of the city's skyscrapers lighting up the sky with breathtaking fireworks displays. Enjoy a night of dancing to your favourite music, sipping drinks along with a delicious assortment of cheese or fresh fruits.


Why choose Book.Boats for yacht rental new years eve Dubai? 

To enhance your experience and make your event more unforgettable, we at Book.Boats provide a wide range of services, including DJ and party décor, making us an excellent choice for yacht rental new years eve Dubai. Reserve your new year's yacht with us and cruise through Dubai while enjoying delectable cuisine and a festive atmosphere. Swing to the music or dance under the glittering, flashing lights, chow down on delectable snacks, and sip refreshing beverages. When you charter with us, you can witness the spellbinding Dubai fireworks on the calming waters while standing beneath the stars.

How to hire a yacht rental Dubai new years eve?

To hire a yacht rental Dubai new years eve, simply contact Book.Boats and follow the mentioned steps to let us know your preferred yacht and rental duration. We recommend booking well in advance, as New Year's Eve is a popular time for yacht rentals. Our team will collaborate with you to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience.

How to book a yacht ?


Choose Yacht

Browse through our catalogue of yachts to choose the boat that meets your specifications, such as size, amenities, and budget. 


Confirm the Yacht

Confirm the yacht and make a reservation by providing your desired date, time, and length of the rental period. Carefully review and understand the rental agreement before signing. 


Enjoy the Yacht

On the day of the rental, you will be required to show proof of identification and sign a safety waiver. You will then be able to board the yacht and make the most of your yacht rental experience by exploring the waters of Dubai, hosting events, or simply relaxing on the yacht.

 Types of Yachts

There is a boat type to meet every purpose and want, whether you're looking for a yacht for a date night, cruising, fishing, or exploring. Below are a few types of yachts available for charter at Book.Boats:

Stealth Yacht

Stealth yachts are elegant, stunning boats designed for speed and agility, making them the ideal option for anyone looking for an exhilarating ride.

Motor Yachts

Because they are driven by engines, motor yachts are perfect for yacht hire for new years eve Dubai, especially for those who like a comfortable and smooth sailing experience. They are roomy and come equipped with modern comforts.


FS Yachts Wide are ideal for families and groups looking to unwind and take a leisurely sail because of their spacious and extravagant cabins.

Luxury Yachts

Luxury yachts, as their name implies, provide the best sailing experience possible, complete with first-rate amenities, fine dining, and attentive service.


With several decks, ground-breaking equipment, and individualised services, these are the pinnacle of extravagance and luxury.

Catamaran Yachts

Catamaran yachts are perfect for individuals looking for stability and comfort because they have two hulls, which provide them plenty of room and stability on the water.

Most Popular

200+ Boats & Yachts

The widest range of boats, in Dubai Marina and Dubai Harbour

Certified Boats

The most accurate database of quality boats available in the market from professional charter companies only.

Experienced Captain & Crew

Stress-free holidays with a professional and experienced crew.

Excellent client assistance

Team of dedicated consultants providing a 7-day customer service before, during and after departure.

 Additional service offered by Book.Boats

We also provide the following extra services to provide you the best possible experience:

Yacht decorations

Make your yacht voyage extra memorable by using our boat decoration services. Whether you're celebrating a birthday or wedding anniversary, our team will deck up the boat to fit your celebration and create a spectacular ambience.


Our catering services have highly skilled chefs that can prepare the tastiest foods from around the globe for any occasion, whether it's an intimate candlelit supper for two, a sizable party, or a corporate event. We also have excellent top-shelf liquors and the greatest wines to last you all night.

Water Sports

You can invite your friends to join you so they can indulge in the different watersports we have to offer and enjoy the time of their lives on the sea. You can sate your wanderlust with anything from wakeboarding and snorkelling to jet skiing and banana boats!

Photo Shooting

 For a lasting record of your yacht holiday, use our photo-shooting services. Our talented photographers will capture every moment of your trip, from the stunning views to the enjoyable times you share with your loved ones.

Self-driving boats

Spend a fun and independent day cruising along the beautiful Dubai Coast. Since this is a self-drive option, you will be your own captain for the day. Get your boat at one of our meeting points and get basic instructions about your boat before sailing off.

Electric foil board rental

Discover the new era of surfing with the e-Foil, the world's first electric foil surfboard and smallest personal boat. No wind? No waves? No problem. Flying on the water is no longer a dream! Thanks to the e-foil, come and discover the Dubai waters as you have never seen them.

Wakeboard Rental Dubai

Get your adrenaline pumping and experience the Dubai coast in a fun way by doing this water sport. Beginners receive instructions from their guide, and more experienced participants can show off their skills. This experience has something for everyone to enjoy.

Seabob rental

Enjoy a lively and unique way of exploring Dubai's underwater scenery on this custom SeaBob outing. Named as one of the world's fastest underwater scooters, this one-of-a-kind watercraft resembles a motorised boogie board. Meet your guide, put on a diving mask, and after an introduction, you'll have time to zoom around the water at your preferred speed.

Banana Boat Ride

 Experience the excitement of a banana boat ride right in the heart of Dubai. Head to the starting point and take off on a banana boat, which is towed by a Jet Ski, with a small group. Brace yourself as you sail along the emerald waters, keeping your eyes peeled for sea turtles, dolphins, and other marine life.

Fly Fish Boat Rental

Book.Boats are proud to offer fly fishing boat rentals for those looking to explore Dubai's waterways in a unique way. Our boats are equipped with everything you need for a successful fishing trip, from top-quality gear to expert guidance from our experienced team.

FlyBoard rental

Unleash your inner superhero on this private flyboard experience with Book.Boats. Put on a life jacket, enter the sea with an instructor riding a personal watercraft (PWC), and enjoy the thrill as water jets propel your flyboard into the air. Try flips, turns, spins, and perhaps even dives underwater. 

Donut Ride Rental

Donut boat is a water sport where you will sit in an inflatable boat in the form of a donut that is pulled by a speed boat. This is similar to the banana boat, but the shape is like a donut and can be enjoyed by 2 to 4 persons in accordance with the request.

Jet Ski Rental

Escape the crowds on land and see the coastlines of Dubai from a different perspective during a Jet Ski tour. Experience the rush of piloting your own Jet Ski while exploring lesser-known locations with a guide. 

Fishing Yacht Rental

Experience the thrill of deep-sea fishing like never before with a fishing yacht rental from Book.Boats. Our luxurious yachts are equipped with the latest technology and equipment, including state-of-the-art fish finders and GPS navigation, ensuring that you have the best possible chance of reeling in the biggest catch of the day.

Mega Yacht Brunch Cruise

With our professional crew and personalized service, you can enjoy the company of your loved ones while we take care of everything else. So why not escape the crowds and treat yourself to a unique and memorable brunch on the water? Book with us now!

Fishing Charter in Fujairah

Experience the true beauty of Fujairah's coastline with a fishing charter from Book.Boats. Our charter offers a unique opportunity to catch some of the most exotic fish species in the region, all while soaking up the beautiful scenery of the Arabian Sea. From jigging to trolling, our experienced crew will provide you with the best tips and techniques to ensure a successful catch.

Benefits of hiring a Yacht in Dubai

Hiring a yacht from Book.Boats will provide you with comfort, luxury and unparalleled service at competitive prices. We have fleets that are equipped with the cosiest quality furnishings and amenities, making it the ideal yacht  hire for new years eve Dubai. You will enjoy the best time on board thanks to our highly qualified team. The best parties are on our yachts because being out at sea gives you a tranquil feeling that you can never get on dry land. Furthermore, the view of Dubai, a contemporary marvel, is breathtaking from the water. You can capture and treasure those picture-perfect and exotic moments with the help of our photoshoot services.

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We had an amazing time on the luxury yacht we rented from Book.Boats. The crew was professional and attentive, and the yacht itself was in top condition. We'll definitely be renting from them again!


Apr 17, 2023

We rented a catamaran yacht for a family outing, and it was the highlight of our trip to Dubai. The yacht was spacious and comfortable, and the crew went beyond what was necessary to make sure we had a great time.


Apr 17, 2023

I booked a yacht for a surprise birthday party, and it was a huge success. The yacht was decorated beautifully, and the catering was delicious. Book.Boats made everything so easy and stress-free.


Apr 17, 2023


We rented a motor yacht for a sunset cruise, and it was absolutely breathtaking. The staff was helpful and kind, and the views of Dubai from the water were unforgettable.


Apr 17, 2023

We had a blast on the super yacht we rented from Book.Boats. The yacht had all the amenities we needed, including a jacuzzi and an onboard cinema. We felt like royalty for the day!


Apr 17, 2023



Which music will be played at the party?

Our DJs have music for every occasion, from Chart Toppers and RnB Bangers to Club Classics and Cheesy Party Anthems, from the past to the present. All of our DJs will gladly take requests on the night if you have something specific in mind.

Can Yacht Rental Dubai provide customised decorations for my yacht party?

Yes, Yacht Rental Dubai can provide customised decorations to match the theme of your celebration, working to ensure that every detail is tailored to your preferences.

Is there a dress code for yacht rentals?

There is no strict mandatory attire, but we recommend wearing comfortable and appropriate clothing for the occasion. If you are renting a yacht for a special event or occasion, you may want to dress up accordingly. We also recommend bringing a light jacket or sweater, as it can get cooler on the water in the evenings.

Which boat to choose?

The type of boat to choose depends on your needs, preferences, and budget. You can choose from various options, including motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, and super yachts.

Is a boat licence required?

The requirement for a boat licence varies according to the kind and size of boat you are planning to rent. Some boats require a licence, while others do not. Don't hesitate to get in touch with Book.Boats for more information.

Will I need a crew?

The need for a crew depends on the type and size of the boat, as well as your level of experience. For larger boats or if you are not experienced, we recommend hiring a crew to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

What is a bareboat charter?

A bareboat charter is a rental of a boat without a crew or provisions. You are responsible for navigating and operating the boat yourself. Bareboat charters are popular among experienced sailors and boaters.

 Does my charter need to be a week long?

No, your charter does not need to be a week long. We offer a variety of charter durations, from a few hours to several days or more.

What is a crewed charter?

A crewed charter is a rental of a boat with a professional crew, including a captain and other crew members. This is the best choice for people who seek a hassle-free and luxurious sailing experience.

 If I rent a bareboat, do I need a licence?

Yes, if you plan to charter a bareboat, you will need to provide proof of your sailing experience and certification. This ensures your safety and the safety of others on board.