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Travel over the Beauty of coastlines with the best yacht rental Dubai 

Looking for an amazing and unique way to see Dubai? Why not charter a private yacht from the best yacht rental Dubai and explore the city from the water? Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or an adventure with friends, admiring Dubai from the water is an experience you won't forget. With its stunning skyline and beautiful beaches, Dubai is the perfect place to enjoy some time on the water with Book.Boats, you have the company of a professional captain on board to ensure smooth sailing and the safety of everyone.


The epitome of unforgettable memories with small yacht rental Dubai 

Dubai is known for its sophisticated tourist attractions, fine cuisine, nightlife, stunning beaches, and luxury yacht rentals. It is understandable why so many people want to hire a small yacht rental Dubai for an intimate evening and come here yearly to unwind for a perfect customized yacht experience! Sail aboard this great vessel, complete with the most stylish interiors enriched by top-end comforts renting from Book.Boats. There can be no better venue than a yacht for a birthday celebration with breathtaking views, sea breezes, and the blue horizons with luxurious facilities. Our yachts are the best birthday party venue in Dubai, and we customise them according to your wishes to make them even better.

Why choose Book Boats as the go-to yacht rental company Dubai?

You and your experience are our top priority at Book.Boats. Our goal is to increase the affordability and accessibility of boat rentals. We provide a wide range of luxurious yachts, from small boats for a romantic break to enormous yachts for parties or business events, all at competitive pricing, which is why we should be your go-to yacht rental company Dubai. In order to ensure that you have a flawless yacht day, we use a team of knowledgeable and experienced crew. We provide individualised service based on your particular tastes and needs. The safety of our clients is our primary priority, above anything else. Every yacht charter is a safe and fun experience for everyone on board, thanks to our stringent safety procedures. So, Book.Boats will work with you to develop a tailored schedule that suits your needs, whether you're celebrating a particular occasion or just want to unwind.

How to book a yacht ?


Choose Yacht

Go through the extensive selection of yachts put together by one of the best yacht rental Dubai and pick whichever best satisfies your needs, and price range.


Confirm the Yacht

When you've chosen a yacht, confirm your booking and make the appropriate deposit. Please contact us if you have any questions or requirements.


Enjoy the Yacht

Now, all that's left is for you to enjoy the yacht. While you savour your yacht rental, our knowledgeable crew will make sure you have a great time on the water.

 Types of Yachts

Regardless of whether you're looking for a yacht for a date night, cruising, fishing, or exploring, there is a boat type to suit every need and want. Here are a few of the several kinds of yachts that Book.Boats offer for charter:

Stealth Yacht

Stealth yacht charters promise to be nothing short of outstanding with their sleek design, impressive speed, and abundance of fantastic social spaces.

Motor Yachts

Crewed motor yachts from Book Boats can give you the most lavish surroundings, roomy lodging, and a wide range of toys, tenders, and amenities; all topped off with premium onboard service.


FS Concept offers everyone, whether they choose to be on or behind a boat, an amazing sensation. Wave riders will appreciate being pulled by the folding Power Tower, which incorporates swivelling board racks for their gear since it has a roomy bow and cockpit.

Luxury Yachts

The best sailing experiences may be found on luxury vessels because of their magnificent amenities, delectable cuisine, and unparalleled customer support.


 We also provide super yacht rentals, which are bigger and more extravagantly decorated than luxury boats. Many decks, swimming pools, theatres, and other luxury amenities are typically present.

Catamaran Yachts

Catamaran yachts are the best option for anyone looking for stability and comfort in their yachts due to their two hulls, which give them lots of space and stability on the water.

Most Popular

200+ Boats & Yachts

The widest range of boats, in Dubai Marina and Dubai Harbour

Certified Boats

The most accurate database of quality boats available in the market from professional charter companies only.

Experienced Captain & Crew

Stress-free holidays with a professional and experienced crew.

Excellent client assistance

Team of dedicated consultants providing a 7-day customer service before, during and after departure.

 Additional service offered by Book.Boats

At Book.Boats, we aim to make sure that your experience renting a yacht is extraordinary rather than just routine. Because of this, we provide a variety of extra services to elevate your experience.

Yacht decorations

 We offer yacht decoration services where you can pick from a variety of party and decor packages and modify them as you choose. Contact us about the tailored options for yachts if you're interested in these services.


Discover a five-star dining experience at sea! Only the best food is served by our chefs, who have worked in recognised establishments. We'll make sure everything is ideal, whether it's a special occasion or just a day at sea.

Water Sports

Your trip to Dubai is incomplete without experiencing the thrilling water sports. We provide a variety of water sports activities that are quite popular with tourists since they are exciting and fun.

Photo Shooting

Your experiences aboard our yacht in Dubai will now be treasured for a lifetime. Hire our professional photographer for your event to capture the moments and preserve them for all time. Let us assist you in capturing memories like no one else can!

Self-driving boats

There is no better way to explore Dubai Harbour than on your own boat. Enjoy a self-drive boat hire with our stable and safe boats with cabin and sun protection.

Electric foil board rental

 Capable of peaking at a speed of several kilometres per hour, you will enjoy flying above the water and feeling as light as a dragonfly thrown in the low ground. A unique sensation that cannot be found in any board sport.

Wakeboard Rental Dubai

 With our wakeboarding expertise, get some adrenaline rushes in Dubai. Surf the Gulf's waves and experience Dubai's skyline from a new angle. Our knowledgeable instructor will assist you in getting started for beginners or in honing your skills while you have fun.

Seabob rental

The sea bob is stable and simple to master. The user can control the power at any time. You will be prepared to begin your session after the user and security requirements have been completed, along with a demo.

Banana Boat Ride

 With the aid of our experts, who will go over the safety guidelines and demonstrate how to handle the Jet Ski, you can feel the rush of a banana boat ride. Your captain will begin speeding after a brief safety instruction, giving the passengers an exhilarating experience as you race across the sea. If assistance is required, the instructors will be there.

Fly Fish Boat Rental

Our flyfish boats are made to provide you with a sturdy and comfortable fishing platform, and our equipment is top-notch, with a selection of fishing rods, reels, and lines to meet your individual requirements. We have everything you need to maximise your time on the lake, whether you're a novice angler or an experienced fly fisherman.

FlyBoard rental

Learn the fundamentals from a competent instructor while experiencing the thrill of flying over the water. Fly like a superhero and defy gravity when participating in this adrenaline-pumping flyboard sport.

Donut Ride Rental

 Donut rides are a well-liked daring water sport in Dubai. In the waters of Dubai, a speedboat tows an inflatable boat shaped like a donut. On the donut, several persons can ride thrillingly over the abundant water perimeter while experiencing the splashes of the water.

Jet Ski Rental

Rent a Jet Ski trip to see Dubai's attractions from the water. Add the thrill of a Jet Ski with unhindered views of the city as you zoom over the lake to see and photograph the Burj Al Arab, JBR, and other landmarks. After getting operating instructions and a safety briefing, follow your instructor onto the Persian Gulf.

Fishing Yacht Rental

 With a fishing yacht charter from Book. Boats, you can indulge in the luxury of deep-sea fishing. You can relax and let us manage everything as you take in the excitement of deep-sea fishing, thanks to our knowledgeable staff and first-rate service.

Mega Yacht Brunch Cruise

 Ready to embark on a culinary adventure like no other? Look no further than a mega yacht brunch cruise from Book.Boats. Our yachts are equipped with top-of-the-line kitchens and experienced chefs who will delight your taste buds with a diverse selection of international dishes and specialties.

Fishing Charter in Fujairah

Our fishing charter offers a relaxing and rejuvenating break, with breathtaking views and the chance to connect with nature. With the stunning backdrop of Fujairah's coastline, you're sure to have a memorable and picturesque experience.

Benefits of hiring a boat in Dubai

At Book.Boats, we have a range of different vessels to choose from, depending on the size, budget, and style that you have in mind. From open yachts to classics and catamarans, browse through our collection and pick one that's right for you. With a yacht rental, you have the flexibility to plan your itinerary and go wherever you want. You can choose from a range of activities, such as swimming, snorkelling, or fishing, and spend as much time as you want at each destination. A yacht rental Dubai Jumeirah offers complete privacy and exclusivity. You can take pleasure in the company of your friends and family without any interruptions or distractions from other tourists.

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The yacht rental was seamless, and the crew was amazing! Thanks, Book Boats!


Apr 17, 2023

We had a fantastic time on the luxury yacht. It was the highlight of our Dubai trip! They are the best yacht rental Dubai. Thank you, Book.Boats!


Apr 17, 2023

The catamaran yacht was perfect for our family day out. Highly recommend Book Boats!


Apr 17, 2023


The crew made our sunset cruise on the motor yacht extra special. Thank you, Book Boats!


Apr 17, 2023

Book Boats exceeded our expectations. We will definitely use them again for our next yacht rental in Dubai.


Apr 17, 2023



What are the top yacht cruise routes in the United Arab Emirates?

The Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Abu Dhabi Corniche, and Yas Island are some of the most well-liked yacht cruise itineraries in the United Arab Emirates.

For sailboat rentals in Dubai, do I need a licence?

No, a licence is not required to charter a yacht in Dubai. Your trip's navigation and safety will be taken care of by the skipper and crew that the yacht rental company will supply.

What is a yacht cruise in Dubai? 

Booking a private yacht to tour the city's sights and coastline is a popular leisure activity in Dubai. It enables travellers to take advantage of the abundant amenities on board while taking in expansive views of the Arabian Gulf.

What varieties of yachts can be rented in Dubai? 

Yachts of all kinds, including motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, adventure yachts, and sport fishing yachts, are available for hire from Book.Boats. Each type has distinctive qualities and skills to meet various needs and objectives.

What elements should I take into account while selecting the ideal yacht in Dubai? 

Consider aspects such as boat size and style, amenities provided, price, crew professionalism and expertise, and customer feedback when selecting the best yacht in Dubai.

Which music will be played at the party?

With Club Classics and Cheesy Party Anthems from the past to the present, our DJs have music for any occasion, including Chart Toppers, R&B Bangers, and Club Classics. If you have any particular requests, any of our DJs will be happy to accommodate them that night.

Can I hire a professional crew for my luxury yacht rental?

Indeed, Book.Boats provide a skilled crew for our rentals of luxury yachts. Our crew, which consists of a chef, crew members, and a captain, will take care of everything so you can sit back, unwind, and take it all in.

How much does chartering a yacht with Yacht Rental Dubai cost?

The type of yacht, the length of the rental, and the number of passengers all affect how much it will cost to lease a yacht with Yacht Rental Dubai. For a tailored quotation, get in touch with Book.Boats.

What should I wear on a yacht?

It is advised that you dress comfortably and casually and that you bring a lightweight jacket or jumper in case it gets cool.

Can I hire other types of boats and activities in Dubai?

Sure, you are free to select any boat and activities on Book.Boats, you can choose from a variety of yacht rental alternatives in Dubai. You can choose the type of boat and the activities you want, from modest yacht rentals to big yacht charters.